вторник, 11 октября 2011 г.

Google Nexus Samsung - Still Waiting for.....

No matter what predictions we might have we should be ready to accept the fact that we can easily be wrong about what we expect.

At least this definitely concerns the special occasion, which had to present the new Google Nexus Samsung Galaxy/Prime from Google and Samsung during the large-scale conference, entitled “What’s New from Android”. We were told – October, 11, 2011. We were prepared. And yet, today on October, 11, 2011 we already know that nothing is gonna happen.

The thing is that last week the companies announced their plans to postpone the presentation of new amazing smartphone to the open public. I won’t even talk about one more defeated expentancy in this field, cuz this will, perhaps, mean repeating myself, but I can’t but talk about the probable reasons of such decision.

1. Nexus Galaxy/Prime could have become one of the huge attacks on Apple with their new iPhone 4S which is by all means inferior to the unreleased iPhone 5 that we have all been dreaming of (don’t even try to lie to yourself, you want it too))). So why delay the release? This is quite a risky step on behalf of Google and Samsung, cuz they’ve missed the opportunity to strike everyone with incredible features of their innovative design.

2. The number of sold iPone 4S’s within the first 24 hours has exceeded 1,000,000 phones. Even though the device isn’t as spectacular, as it has been predicted, the popularity of iProducts hasn’t reduced. Here, perhaps the news that Steve Jobs died could even swell people’s desire to buy the newly-offered iSmartphone (even though it main sound cynical)… In this respect, would Nexus Galaxy/Prime manage to beat the iMage-phone now that everyone’s attention is stuck to Apple? Perhaps, not. So, was the delay just a smart step?

3. What do we actually know about the new Google & Samsung smartphone? Of course, it should be multifunctional. Of course, it should be reliable, much due to its having been created on Android OS. But it is good enough?

We all remember Samsung’s recent presentation of their Galaxy Tab 10.1. Guys have been fully prepared, and it seemed that they have somehow if not beaten but have almost reached the same level with Apple and iPad2.

It’s like the imaginary conversation:

Apple (A): Look how thin our device is.
Samsung (S): Ours is thin, too.
A: We have the wider screen.
S: Ours is also wide.
A: We have lots of apps.
S: We too. And we have the special Google Mobile Services and file-sharing stuff, like 4shared, do you?
A: (Pause) You can download everything from iTunes.
S: Android Market offers likewise as many convenient apps.
A: We have Steve Jobs to present our device.
S: We have got… well, we’re working on this.

Can the declared delay, therefore, mean that Nexus Galaxy/Prime isn’t innovative enough to compete with iPhone 4S? If so, the most probable reason for the official release having been postponed can be a simple the desire to improve the device beforehand.

Well, as always, let’s wait for a little while and we’ll see.)

Stay cool)

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