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Apple Media Event - Defeated Expectancy or Good PR?

You remember, I used to write about Android themed event in one of my previous posts (check Google and Samsung - New Global Invasion )…Well, according to the current tendencies, it wasn’t a surprise to hear about the upcoming Apple event 2011 just a few days before the one dedicated to the rival Android OS.

Now that Apple media event has already taken place, we can resume a couple of conclusions, regarding it. To start with, let’s remind ourselves of what most of analysists and users had expected from it – yes, exactly, the presentation of brand-new iPhone 5! To be honest, it would be a total knock out for all other competitors in the industry and a great proof of the fact that the heritage of Steve Jobs has the cloudless future.

Yet, what have we received? Nothing like iPhone 5 – just the upgraded iPhone 4S. Of course, it’s very much modified in comparison to the previous iPhone 4 and includes a great number of exciting features, among which me personally has the most of delight about innovative camera solutions.

But still, guys, iPhone 4S isn’t iPhone 5. It’s not, no matter how good it is. We were all waiting for a new Apple miracle, which didn’t happen. It’s like a child is silently promised a toy railway for Christmas, but receives one more sweater. Defeated expectancy, does it mean defeated trust?

On the other hand, if to have a look at this Apple event from the side of PR, I’d say, they are somewhat the real geniuses. Here, if you check, no one has actually announced the release of iPhone 5 for now, but with a number of ambiguous rumours the company has managed to attact incredible attention to the new product. Why not?

In a whole, I realize that the fight for audience attention and the greatest possible sales ratings is absolutely normal, but what about that awkward feeling, reminding us of not-THOSE Christmas presents in childhood?

Guys, don't do like that, we will anyway purchase what you advise us, too, we will.

I now adress this message to every service I’m using, including FedEx, PayPal, Google, 4shared, and all others – don’t try to reach financial goals by all means. Don’t follow Apple in defeating your users’ expectations!

Stay cool)

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