четверг, 6 октября 2011 г.

A Tribute to The Genius...

Steve Jobs died. No Steve Jobs anymore. R.I.P Steve Jobs, you’re the best… These are the very first messages I’ve seen all around the Web today. It’s a shock. I know we’ve all had somewhat of strange preoccupation about his health in the recent times. But now, it’s a shock.

Of course, the value of Steve Jobs in the whole global software industry is immeasurable. The scale of Apple development is still a bit unexplanatory miracle for analylists and experts and ordinary users, of course. In fact, I firmly believe that if it weren’t for Steve Jobs himself, the company wouldn’t manage to become the most expensive enterprise in the world. The number of people in different countries using iPods, iPhones, iPads and Macs is totally incredible. No, even more, than incredible. And it’s only due to his efforts that the realities are as it is.

For those who might have forgotten, Mr. Jobs also founded Pixar and managed to contribute so much to the global development of animation technologies that these had been lifted up to the highest conceivable levels.

I can now write more and more about numerous essential achievements of this genuine genius of the mankind who we’ve now lost. But I won’t.

I would rather speak of him as an inconceivably smart man, a wiseman, I dare say and the inspiration he somehow put in everyone who’d ever listen to his speeches or read his interviews.

I now recall how I’ve watched his 2005 Stanford Commencement Address; it was so honest and sincere that me, the man, who’d cry for once or twice in my life after I was 3 years old, really felt like crying.

The eternal tenets, the eternal truth of how the life should be lived, how the people should be treated, somehow Steve Jobs managed to be a true icon for the society and just an ordinary man, wearing his black skinny sweater, his plain glasses and his barely shaved face-smile, all at the same time. He had become a real role-model for millions, but for me personally, he had become a sort of a teacher, who I’d now never know in real life, but who’s gonna stay in my heart forever.

Now that he’s gone, no one seems to replace him, but the technological progress won’t, obviously, stop, and the existing companies will continue presenting us the new products and services. Here, I have only one request for Microsoft, and Google, and Samsung, and 4shared, and HP, and, of course, Apple, and others – please, (c) Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!..

R.I.P Steve, we’r gonna miss you a lot


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