четверг, 20 октября 2011 г.

What is in Reali.ty?

How much do we use our sight? Would we enjoy the majority of our computer devices if we couldn’t see? Perhaps, not, or at least not to its fullest, that’s for sure.

.. And we wouldn’t be able to feel how useful the service can appear to be.

Having been created to fulfil our better perception of data in versatile infographics, which are moreover much more interesting and bright to look at, has received incredible popularity among users of different occupations, from financial analysts to mere students.

As for me, the site used to exist in somewhat a parallel world, as I actually heard about it only yesterday. Feeling like a real giraffe and not having actual piles of data, which I need to put into an infographic, I could only test on my Twitter account.

Well…. If to speak about my impressions, I can’t dare say that the service is useless, of course, it’s not. If I needed to create a colourful presentation, it’d be hard to find a simpler method, than But it seems nothing more, than a fun toy for such people, as me, who don’t face the urgent necessity of making an infographic, or something.

Can anything be modified in the service? Totally. To start with:

1) I’ve found the interface rather complicated to grasp at first glance, as it’s really hard to find the desirable menu option (for those, who don’t don’t know what they need))). Why not make the sections clearer (What the hell is Labs???) like at iTunes login page, or 4shared?

2) The whole selection of infographics at the front page confuses you a little bit, as you can’t but start reading the inserted data. Here, what if I had an essential project to prepare? It’d be more, than hard to interrupt reading and start, actually, working.

3) Ok, I’ve been too fastidious, there aren’t any more flaws at the site)))

All things considered, guess that the next level of the services, like should become the movie-makers enabling us to combine the random docs, photos into unified video files.

And what do you think, guys?

Stay cool)

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