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Many Files - Will Greplin Help?

I’m absolutely sure of the fact that the amount of information we’re grabbing daily is not just stunning, it seems really unimaginary sometimes. And how can it even be possible at least to remember, where exactly we’ve decided to save this or that file of ours?

File synchronization may become one of the ways out, on the one hand, and this niche has been already filled with numerous competitors, many of which really know what they’ve own their popularity for. Well, if you’ve been reading my blog, you probably know about my personal favorite 4Sync)))

Let’s now check another possible method to get all your data together and keep it at one place, I’m not talking about file-sharing sites, like RapidShare or 4shared, though the latter provides much storage space for free. I’m rather talking of specific services gathering your files from everywhere, every site you’re using, including your Google Docs, LinkedIn account, etc.

This market field is now pretty much empty, yet I now for sure about one decent representative – it’s Greplin. In case you’ve never heard of it (which is weird, but whatever))), the service gathers your files from different sites, so you can access them in a simpler way. Moreover, Greplin has already introduced the new convenient feature, which enables to find the needed file even without remembering its exact name just by entering any keyword, which will definitely occur in the file you’re looking for. Nice, ha?

Of course, Greplin is nice. But there’re as always the particular flaws you can find. First of all, the service hasn’t actually been modified to gather your files from your accounts at file-sharing sites and those documents or anything else, which you simply store on other computers can’t be accessed via Greplin. So, basically, you should combine using your syncing, file-sharing services with Greplin to be have all your data at hand. That’s a bit confusing, don’t you think?

Ugh, for now we can only dream of things becoming easier in usage, what if the file-sharing grandees introduced their own inside ‘gathering’ feature? At least one less site to use…

Let’s see who’s gonna be the smart one here? 4shared, MegaUpload, or…?

Stay cool)

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