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iTunes Renting Apps - Any Good to Expect?

How would like the idea of renting a mobile app for your phone? At first glance, the whole concept of renting games or any other smartphone applications seems a bit ridiculous, but…

… But, this doesn’t, apparently, look weird to Apple, as the company has decided to launch app renting at its featured Apple store accounts. Of course, the intentions are decent, because fighting piracy is definitely one of the ultimate goals in the software industry, as much as any other market niche.

… But, does the idea of renting apps for iPhones/iPads have any chances to work? From my point of view, it doesn’t look more realistic, than an elephant dancing ballet))) Really, to say, neither iPhones nor iPads can be called cheap devices to buy, so it’s not the greed for money, which forces their owners to look for pirate apps. It’s rather the curiousity and the desire to feel smarter, than iTunes or even the whole Apple company.

Here, how can the app renting eliminate the piracy problem, or at least reduce it to a certain extent? My personal opinion – it can in absolutely NO way. Payment always stays payment, and it doesn’t even matter how much you, actually, pay. Moreover, app renting will also force people worry more about the expiry date of the rent, the necessity to pay once more, etc., which aren’t exactly the best thoughts to keep in mind.

Anyway, of course, any innovations, or least any actions in the war against piracy are good, but it this case with apps for rent at iTunes, it’s obviously the company’s epic fail.

Now, can you imagine, that all companies would offer the temporary renting of their services?))) That would be “fun”, undoubtedly. I’d probably order 30 seconds of YouTube+ 40 minutes of 4shared + around 10 minutes from my e-mail service +…and so on, lol, every single day)))))))))

The only question would be the payment method, but if I opted for renting 10 minutes of PayPal, may be I’d succeed)))).

Hopefully the concept of introducing rented apps into our lives wouldn’t survive for long, and for the future,please, God, save the reasonable minds in the software industry))) We, the users, deserve them!

Stay cool)

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