среда, 21 сентября 2011 г.

A bit more about Facebook Funny Stuff

You remember the stuff about Facebook multifunctional annoying routine that I wrote about yesterday, it didn’t take long for some more parts in the design of the pages, which have miraclously appeared today.

In particular, Mark Zuckerberg’s creation has now decided to call the posts – stories. Here, the only question that arises: what the heck, guys? Stories?? Really? Haha, and how about the added photos? Are they also stories? Well may be, but only if you’re fond of the philosophical approach: there’s a story behind every photo)

But the thing that I laughed at most is the Facebook clear e-mail notification that I’ve received today stating that I will no longer receive so many e-mail notifications aboout the updates. Oh, dear lord, guys, you’ve gotta be kidding))))

In this paticular what they should also realize in Facebook that the user is hardly very much attentive to reading the large text messages of such kind, and isn’t very much happy to get the great number of letters on the daily or weekly basis, for instance. Be more precise and more concise. Just the core points, like they do it at 4shared, for instance, something like “…we’ve got the new function to use. Here it is. Wish to try? Good. Don’t wish to try? Well, ok. It’s for you to decide.” No bla-bla-bla.

I perhaps need to clarify something – I really don’t hate Facebook, or something, but I’m writing about such funny things just to share my personal opinions, so that some software of PR manager in the company will encounter this post and modify the service somehow to satisfy their fans’ demands and expectations. So here you are, I’d be glad if you taken it into consideration.

This is for now.

Stay cool)

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