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Undoubtedly, the number of latest software news and releases are truly stunning in terms of innovations and the opening opportunities in front of both software companies and us, users.

Although there sometimes happen the unexpected encounters, which might not even be new, but rather interesting. In particular, I’m now talking about another syncing service,, which I’ve somehow missed to write about before.

To start with, the app looks pretty consise and reserved in the design, though is claimed to be multifunctional and, what is essential, presents you with 10 GB space for files. I won’t describe the whole testing process of the app, but will just try to point out the so to say pros and cons of it.

As a very positive-thinking person (yeah, that’s who I am, lol)) I’ll start with the advantageous or at least seemingly advantageous points of Minus file synchronization software:

1. Plain interface.
2. 10 GB free space.
3. Mobile and desktop apps included.
4. Simple registration.

I’ll leave the promised multifunctionality of Minus as a separate point as it’s on the one hand really tempting, but on the other hand, it seems too sweet-good, so I kinda felt like a fool when I was testing the app.

Now further on to so-called cons of Minus:

1. The annoying part with being a spammer to get more storage space. I really don’t get it, how it may be absolutely normal to get 15GB with 4Sync and be forced to invite everyone to get somewhat 1GB more with Minus, or even less with Drobox.

It’s humiliating and irritating, guys!

2. Limitations in the number of files in 1 folder.

Minus won’t allow you to store more, than 100 files in 1 folder. How come? Is it so hard to fix this? I dunno.

3. If compared to 4Sync, for instance, Minus app is heavier, and is 5,1 MB in size.

4. This flaw may not be considered a flaw by many people. Yet, I’ll put this feature here in the list of disadvantages. It’s the users’ ability to “turn on/off the lights” to change the background and font color of the Minus site))))))))

Truth be told, of course, if I were a blond gel I’d probably be delighted to use this function for thousands of times during each session, just for fun. But I’m not one, and frankly, I don’t really get why the mentioned blond gel would ever need to use a syncing service of this size. No offence, ladies.

Basically, this is it, as far as is concerned.

Stay cool)

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