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Windows 7.5 Fails before Start?

Have you heard? The fruit soft community is going face another update in the nearest future – Windows Phone 7.5. At least according to TechCrunch, this is the company’s ”Mango”.

Of course, only the time and testing will show, if the Microsoft Mango fruit is rotten, or not, yet, what is definite for now, the PR-campaign of the newest release could be better. No, it’s not that I underestimate the talents and creativity of devoted Microsoft employees; I’m just saying that the “pending action” can now be easily attributed to all promised new products of the enterprise.

The thing is that newest Windows Phone 7.5 has been openly advertised for long and the latest comments about it state that the release will take place in the nearest-nearest weeks, or even days… The only question that rises now is: so where is it, guys? Where’s the long-expected update?

The first and the foremost matter has already moved from the actual beneficial features of Mango Windows Phone, but the users’ actual ability to get and test it.

From my point of view, Microsoft should definitely take the better attitude to customers from its rivals, like Google, which declares the improvement and introduces it almost simultaneously (e.g. Free Google Music presentation), or even the players on different markets, like 4shared, for instance, as the guys don’t even tease you, they just tell you, what has already been added. Not bad, ha?

Anyway, hopefully, Windows Phone 7.5 will BE released soon, and we all be able to find out, if it can be taken as a decent rival for iPhones, or Android smartphones, or not.

Well, we’ll c)

Stay cool)

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