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Free Google Music – Forecasts and Reality

This post’s subtitle should definitely be called smth like “I’ve told you so”, because, as you’ve probably got from the heading, it’s dedicated to newly-introduced Google Music.

New Google Music that is now only offered in its beta version is now expected to become the next fever after the initial Google+, with the invitations to it being begged for by everyone, who hasn’t yet gotten access to the marvel.

As it’s been predicted, Google Music player is designed now only for browsers, but for Android 2.2+ smartphones and tabets. This is rather logical with the current tendency of Android OS becoming the most popular one, even if compared to iOS, for instance. Yet, as for the offered functionality of Google Music android app, I’d say, I’ve been hoping for more. Really, may be the reason is that we are always looking forward to getting something even more incredible from Google.

To be short, with Google Music you can stream the tracks, save them on your computers, phones and tablets and create/manage playlists with the music you love most. Here, I couldn’t find any single decent advantage, really, so what’s so special about Google Music? I installed 4shared Music for Android, for example, several months ago and even the older versions contained pretty the same functions as Google Music. Moreover, the benefit is that you can also share the music you like, which is impossible in Google Music, or is it? I haven’t tested it to the fullest yet, unfortunately, as it’s still the beta version, like I’ve already said.

Besides, I’ve also become disappointed about the fact that unlike Google+ itself, Google Music’s beta version is available in the USA only, so the people in other parts of the world, aren’t even able to test it, unless they are familiar with how to use proxy-servers.

Anyway, it has already become quite noticeble that the users are now much more picky concerning both devices and apps they install, so why not at least the largest companies, like Google insert really more New features in their New products?)

But that’s just the thought

Stay cool)

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