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Twitter Analytics vs. Follow Facebook Button - It’s a War, man!

For now, you can hardly find a person who doesn’t have an account in at least one of the popular social networks, even if you aren’t an active user. Here, it’s really obvious, why the war for users among the largest players, like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is getting tougher with the paste of time. I haven’t mentioned specific networks, like LinkedIn, for instance, on purpose, as they aren’t taking part in the general struggle, they don’t need to, as in unique niche, they’ve taken there can’t currently be found many rivals.

If you happen to wonder why I have used the term “war” for the intense competition between the social network grandees, it’s so as the introduction of the new features has almost been synced nowadays. To expain it simpler, let’s check the latest example:

1.Twitter impressed many of us with the introduction of “View My Photos Right Here” option enabling to check the users’ photos & photo albums (uploaded to TwicPic or YFrog) right at their Twitter accounts.

Twitter went farther when offered Twitter analytics feature, so that the publishers can track the amount of traffic, they acquire having integrated their sites with the service.

2.Ta-dam, Google+ has presented the beta version of Google Music (which I’ve written about in my previous post, btw).

A day or two ago I encountered the news about Facebook – the network is now offering Follow Facebook button, which allows the users’ follow those ppl, they aren’t even friends with, as soon as the latter allow “Subscriptions” in their profile settings.

To say, it’s strange, why the service has introduced its follow on Facebook button only now, as it’s been included into Google+ and Twitter right from the very beginning. Moreover, even the file-sharing services, like 4shared(follow 4shared option), have already added this option for their users . I honestly have no idea about the answer.

Yet, Facebook Subscriptions possess their own peculiarity, concerning the exact type of updates you wish to subscribe for (you tick photos, games, apps, etc.) and the level of importance they carry (important, most or all). This is seemingly convenient on the one hand, but on the other hand, I’d get bored to define the importance of each photo I am uploding to Facebook, for instance. It’s just a photo, not the secret code))lol

Anyway, the struggle between social networks will continue, of course. But can we now predict the ultimate winner? Hm, no)

So, we’ll c)

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