четверг, 29 сентября 2011 г.

Google & Samsung - New Global Invasion?

Again, as I was saying, the rivals of Microsoft, like Google are seemingly much better in conducting the high-quality PR campaigns for their products and synchronizing their words with actions.

One more proof for this statesment is the latest news from the side of Google and Samsung, related to their announcement of the upcoming conference resumed as “What’s New from Android”. Here, the companies’ press-offices have already revealed the exact date and even the exact time of the conference in addition to its brief contents. My applauds, guys!

Now about the expected releases of this “What’s New from Android” event, guess that there can be made several interesting conclusions, regarding it:

- Android once again shows us its being, perhaps, the most promising OS now;
- Google does its best to cover all the aspects of global software market;
- Samsung is striving for beating Apple even more, than it used to.

Among these, the third point is, probably, the trickiest one. First of all, the recent tendencies reveal that Samsung has decided to put all the company’s efforts into becoming one of the strongest and the most powerful players on the smartphone and tablet market today (we still remember the recent presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab with support of all conceivable services, like Adobe and 4shared Mobile).

Second of all, it seems like Google has one more time openly declared its union with Samsung in the battle against Apple by organizing the united Android event with it. Now that iPhone 5 hasn’t yet been officially released, both Google and Samsung have time to attract as much audience’s attention as possible.

The perspectives for the future of Google updated phones as well as Samsung Android tablets, for instance, are seemingly flourishing, it’s still hard to predict, whether they will manage to beat iProducts, or not.

For now, we’ll wait for the “What’s New from Android” conference.

Stay cool)

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