четверг, 8 сентября 2011 г.

What is iCloud - Syncing Rival Added

Wooohooo!! Seems like among the bunch of competitors on the file syncing market, there has appeared the new potentially powerful rival, or better to say, iRival in the field.

The thing is that, Apple has recently declared the news about the release its file syncing service – iCloud, for its users, which is planned to become a decent alternative to already famous 4shared Sync or Dropbox.

Yet, although the company sees the flourishing perspectives for iCloud, it seems to me, that it has few chances to get strong enough to fight back the grandees in the core charasteristica features. Here, I’m, certainly, talking about the free space, which is 5GB for iCloud users, which is on the one hand much better, than 2 GB, given by Dropbox. Still, 4shared Sync still stays at the top with its whole 15GB.

It seems strange, as for me, why have Apple even decided to release iCloud, which doesn’t have any obvious advantages over other services. Okay, we all have somewhat a passion for the company’s products, but come on, there’s gonna be at least one more motivation factor, don’t you think?

For now, the most essential question is that, whether the long-expected iCloud will provide any exclusive benefits to earn the popularity among users worldwide, or will it stay just a bonus service for those, who have got 30 GB of files, for instance.

We’ll c))

Stay cool)

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