вторник, 13 сентября 2011 г.

Locai vs. Google AutoCorrect

To say, I’ve always been fond of some somewhat funny misunderstandings, which happen from time to time on the software market. So, when I encountered the news about the disappointing autocorrection crisis with Locai new Android app, I couldn’t but share it with you, guys!)

The thing is that, the silent autocorrection feature of Android Market keeps changing the entered word "Locai" into "local" without notification, so you simply can’t find the new Locai app on the site. I have checked it myself, and to tell the truth, it has stopped being fun anymore.

For what it takes, it’s rather annoying that such a reputable company as Google hasn’t managed to at least make the autocorrection optional for Google Android app Market users. Moreover, not only it’s really frustrating for any soft developer not to be able to share its new application, but it may even become frustrating for Google to be brought to court for the money loss, caused by such misundersatnding.

Just for a sec, let’s imagine that some huge service with billions of users, like hm, the large gaming company or the popular file-sharing service, like 4shared, for instance, faced the same trouble, when the users couldn’t find their apps at Android Market. Guess, this would be even worse for Google reputation.

Anyway, let’s just say that hopefully this occasional hurdle will be somehow fixed in the nearest future.

Well, we’ll c)

Stay cool)

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