среда, 7 сентября 2011 г.

Yahoo Futures– the Ship has Sailed!

I first got acquainted with Yahoo! service many years ago, or it just seems so now, as the paste of technological progress has already reached its cruising speed. And although I’m not its active user right now, Yahoo! will always be like the old-school toy, which you used to play being a mere child, but still can’t throw away into the trashbin…

Yet, no matter how nostalgic the service’s fans will be, it seems that Yahoo! will not be able to reach the popularity rate of its rivals, or at least stay competetive in the relative niche of the market. One of the reasons for that is the recent firing of Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz, who used to be taken almost as the new “Steve Jobs” for the company, though the expectations were not fulfilled.

As for now, the future of the service is more, than vague, in spite of the fact that its top-managers keep saying that everything’s gonna be ok. From the objective perspective, it sounds more, like one of autotraining therapy sessions, than the logical long-term planning.

Moreover, since the competition’s getting tougher each day with Google worldwide expansion in almost every sphere of modern IT-technologies (introduction of Google+, the purchase of Motorola Mobility, or the release of Google Hotel Finder, for instance), Yahoo! isn’t seemingly strong enough to survive the battle with its mighty rival.

In this respect, Google has one more powerful engine to maintain its positions on the market – the company’s management is constantly searching for more niches to take and is ready to invest money in the innovative projects, if those seem promising. I’d not be surprised at all if the next step in Google development was the introduction of the company’s own file-syncing service, for example, to help the users back-up all their data online, similar to 4shared Sync, or SugarSync.

These are, of course, just the thoughts; likewise as the final ‘good-bye’ to old-known Yahoo! is yet to be said. Unfortunately, taking the recent events into account, this ‘good-bye’ can’t but take place in the recent future…

Stay cool)

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